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10 things you might not know about harlequins enigma owner åge

10 things you might not know about harlequins

enigma owner åge riisnes.

put together in a doc file for simple reading.

url for download:


Dec 09, 2014 @ 12:31 AM | harlequins enigma news | other news | 0 comment(s)

dark years (justify mix) out now on itunes & juno

hello everyone! dark years (justify mix) feat.

elin berge have been released on junodownload
.com & itunes. expect it in on spotify, deezer,
wimp soon. the track is an experimental fast
pased dance vibe that was out earlier, but was
taken down due to issues with j.m. jarre.
enjoy it if your feet dare compete with the
rhythm section :)

anyway i am on holiday from music untill after
new year. i will decide what to do from there.
right now i am playing guild wars 2. & trying
to restore myself. be well all! -åge
Nov 23, 2014 @ 5:04 AM | harlequins enigma news | 0 comment(s)

ophidians - big chiefs has been re-released in a deluxe version

ophidians - big chiefs has been re-released in a

deluxe version with 99 tracks - some of the 
material has not been released before. the ophidian
series is a retro line with amiga based material.
quite a few nice pieces it has become, & is a great
addition to our 16 bit music, which really complete
us. it is now out on itunes. it is expected in on
juno, deezer, spotify & wimp soon. enjoy this 
all :) --- thanx to the involved participants,
you have my thoghts. 

Oct 19, 2014 @ 1:35 AM | harlequins enigma news | 0 comment(s)

sigh ..lent.. ly.. moving towards the moon

feeling rather depressed after yet another dozen

mental bruises. seems to me like there is only
control in these characters` minds. read
yesterdays tweets from zelda williams. made
me think a little & boo hoo hoo`ed inside
regarding my pain, hers & others pains as well.
i strongly suggest that the crew of the trueman
show give me a call, or a goodbye call. this has 
been a pain in the arse for years. my romantic
section in my life is empty, i am without
feelings mostly & cannot feel much in my body.
sexuality has been ruined by it for years.
i can barely think. the daydreams are gone.
much for you here babylon, mr. policeman.
as usual there are predators when it come to 
that line. we aint feeding them chocolate,
or starfish, that`s for sure. i wonder if my
miserable self ever will stand up & knock
someone down for my pains, or if i shall act on
nicely & pretend that death is my saviour.
though my psyche is high, i really hate some 
things about the truman show.

hello to king diamond, røyksopp, garbage, 
depeche mode, yello & saint etienne for fruit
injections earlier in my life, that made me 
stand on my feet.

other then that
here comes the sweet girl of the moment list.
zelda williams
selena gomez
natalie portman
katie leung
emma watson
emilia clarke
malala yousafzai

-åge / harlequins enigma 13.10.2014
Oct 13, 2014 @ 2:29 AM | other news | 0 comment(s)

in the wake of pale justice - thought of awaking album out now

thought of awaking album version was released 

on onerpm in the wake of pale justice - 
natural beauty. it does not lie in the shadow 
of pale justice though, but as a brother or 
sister. this is a radio tested album like pale 
justice was, though what is presented here 
comes as wave #2. enjoy our electronica  -åge 
#electronica #music #musicnews #albumreleases 
Oct 09, 2014 @ 10:47 PM | harlequins enigma news | 0 comment(s)

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